XC Course

XC Course, Manilla
15-19 February 2016

HangglideOZ will be holding a specially designed XCcourse for hang glider pilots of all levels from 15-19 Feb in Manilla, just prior to the NSW state hang gliding titles.

Run by Tony Armstrong, CFI, and joined by Australia’s # 1 ranked pilot, Jonny Durand. Jonny has over 195 competitions to his record and will be assisting the course acting as coach and mentor for the duration. The aim of the course is to improve every aspect of your flying performance.

From pre flight to real time coaching over the radio to post flight debriefs, Jonny will be leading us every step of the way and provide insights into what makes him a world beating pilot!!!

The Team

Jonny Durand

Jonny Durand, 34-year-old who grew up in the Hinterland and learned to fly off Mt Tamborine has been ranked No.1 in the world, set world records for speed over 300km and 100km distances and risked his life flying above the turbulent rolling cloud phenomena in Northern Queensland known as Morning Glory.

Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong

Tony, Chief Flying Instructor for HangglideOz has been involved in the sport of hang gliding for in excess of 30+ years. His greatest achievements include winning an Australian Freestyle Hang Gliding Championship and a Daly M Award in 1984.

Course Content

Our courses will teach the necessary skills and provide the experienced pilots to improve cross-country and competition flying skill levels.

Our courses cover a selection of the following areas:

Cross Country Skills

  • Cycle recognition (hills and flatlands) - choosing the right time to start your XC flight;
  • When to get off the line (aerotowing)
  • Thermalling techniques
  • How to fly upwind, downwind and crosswind
  • Speed-To-Fly
  • Realizing when it's time to set up for a safe landing and stop searching for lift
  • Launch and landing techniques
  • Scoping out unfamiliar landing zones from the air and executing a safe landing
  • Detecting wind direction with only natural indicators
  • Use of drag chutes
  • Emergency parachute procedures
  • Anti-tumbling techniques
  • Awareness of common dangers

Competition Skills

  • How to get started and what to expect from yourself
  • Pilot and weather briefings - how to use them
  • Organizing retrieval
  • Equipment required: glider and instruments
  • Proper radio communication - in the air and for retrieval
  • Navigation - map setup and GPS use
  • Turn point and goal identifications
  • Course line planning
  • Gaggle flying
  • Team and solo flying strategies
  • Choosing the right time for you to go on course
  • Mid-flight gear shifting
  • Final glide calculation - with and without high-tech instruments
  • Goal crossing
  • Non-goal finish and pinning in
  • Scoring and protesting
  • Task Committee skills

Accommodation Options

Please note that accommodation is not included. The Fly Manilla link has accommodation options for all budgets.

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  Total cost for the XC Course is
$650 for 5 days

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